Where is my international shipment?

At Pura Vida, we’re super excited to have fans all across the world! For our international customers, please note that it typically takes 10-15 days for an order to arrive, plus the processing and handling time it takes to prep your order in our warehouse. If you’re shipping overseas to an APO address, this can take up to 45 business days to arrive. 
Check the shipping confirmation email we sent you for a live tracking link and more info on your order status. If that link doesn’t give you all the info you need, copy your tracking confirmation number from the email and enter it into the shipping carrier site here for more detailed information about your order status.
FYI: DHL Global sends all of our international shipments to Germany first (that’s where their headquarters are located). From there, the shipments are processed and sent out to their final destination country, where they’re delivered by your country’s local post carrier. Please note that Pura Vida doesn’t cover any customs charges, as we have no way of knowing when or if customs fees will be charged.
Still having trouble locating your package after the shipping timeframe above has come and gone? Just contact us via the “Submit a Request” link below, and provide us with your name, shipping address and order number. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more shipping and tracking details. 


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