Why haven’t I received my referral reward?

Thanks so much for spreading the Pura Vida movement! Once your friend has redeemed their 50% off coupon code, a referral reward will automatically be emailed to you within 5 days of their purchase. If you haven’t received a code yet and are sure it’s been 5 days since your friend made a purchase, please confirm two things:
  1. Your friend used the coupon code we emailed them to complete their purchase.
  2. Their purchase was a minimum of $20 or $40 after the coupon has been applied (depending on the referral that was shared). 
If you’ve confirmed these two things and still haven’t received your code, click the “Submit a Request” link below and send us your name, the email address used to refer a friend and your friend’s email address. We’ll help you out ASAP.


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