How do I redeem my friend's 50% off code?

If you've received a referral email with a link to redeem a code for 50% off your next order, but are unable to pull up the code for use, please follow the instructions below to redeem your code:


1. Click the "Redeem Now" button from the email you received. 


2. You will be redirected to  A pop-up will appear within the page requesting you to enter your e-mail address to receive your 50% off coupon code.

3. Once your email address has been entered, click "Get Coupon Code."  Your unique coupon code will be generated.  Click the code to copy it and enter it at check out following the instructions here

Your friend's referral reward will be automatically emailed to them within five business days of your purchase date!

If you have followed the instructions above and are unable to redeem your code and/or are not receiving the pop-up for your redemption code, please send us your name, your friend's email address, and your email address using the "Submit a Request" link above. 

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