What do the different order statuses mean?

When you login to your account at puravidabracelets.com, you’ll see all of your current and past orders listed. When you click on the “Track Order” section, you’ll see one of these 3 options:Screen_Shot_2018-08-06_at_4.06.20_PM.jpg

1. Unfulfilled/Processing: Your order has been placed and will be sent to our warehouse shortly. You can typically cancel the order or change the shipping address within 2 hours of placing your order; however, we’re unable to edit items or quantities at any time.


2. Shipped: Your order has shipped and left our warehouse (yay!). You’ll receive a shipment tracking email at the address we have on file, and you’ll also be able to see if your order has any delays. Once the order has been shipped, we can no longer edit any shipping information.


3. Delivered: Based on the tracking info given to us by DHL and USPS, your order has been delivered to its final destination!

*The "Track Order" option will also inform you if there are any delays on your package as well!


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