What are the rules of the Pura Vida Rep Program?

Thanks so much for being a PV Rep! Just a reminder of a few of our program rules:
  1. You must be 18 or older to be a Pura Vida Rep.
  2. Please don’t comment with your rep code on any Pura Vida Bracelets social media posts (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), even if you see another rep doing it.
  3. Similarly, don’t post your rep code to any posts from Pura Vida wholesale accounts or stores who carry our products.
  4. Don’t post the “Refer a Friend” 50% off promotion to your social accounts. It’s our little secret ;)
  5. Remember that the purpose of the PV Rep program is to bring new clients to the brand and help spread the Pura Vida movement!
  6. Be kind and respectful to all other reps. 
  7. And most importantly, make sure your code is FirstNameLastName20, unless you’ve been given special permission to do so otherwise. This can be done by emailing us at reps@puravidabracelets.com and requesting a code change. Please note that most changes won’t be permitted, unless for very good (and specific!) reasons. If we discover that your code is similar to or the same as a company code, or has some form of “Pura Vida” in it (i.e. PURAVIDA20), you will be removed from the Rep Program. 

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