What are the reward tiers?

As part of the Pura Vida Rep Program, you’ll move into different reward tiers as you make more sales. The more sales you make, the more tiers you’ll move up (and the more rewards and free swag you’ll score!). Our Rep Program currently has four reward tiers:
Sand Status: Congrats, you made your first sale! We’ll send you a new Rep Pack with 5 Original bracelets!
Surf Status: Yay, you made 3 sales! Keep an eye out for your exclusive Pura Vida Rep charm bracelet. Super cute!
Sea Status: You’re totally killing it! You’ve made 5 sales, and we’re sending you a Pura Vida Staff logo tee.
Star Status: You’re seriously the best! You’ve scored 15 sales (whaaaaat?!), and we’ll send you one of our best-selling Silver Wave Cuffs!
You’ll receive real-time emails any time you move up to the next tier; however, we only process your sales numbers once at the beginning of the month for your previous month’s sales. For example, if you made your first 3 sales in February, we’ll ship your Sand and Surf Status rewards at the around the 9th of March. Once you reach your 5th sale, we’ll send you an email requesting your shirt size if you didn’t fill that info out when applying for the program. 
P.S. You’ll only receive each reward once. Sales do not reset with each new month or year.

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