What are the reward tiers?

"Sand" Status: You've made your first sale, congrats! This means you will be sent your rep pack with 5 original bracelets!

"Surf" Status: After 3 total sales, you've earned your Exclusive Pura Vida Rep Charm Bracelet!

"Sea" Status: Once you've reached your 5th sale (yay!), you will receive a Pura Vida Staff Logo Tee! 

*You will receive emails once a month about your reward status! We process your sales numbers once a month at the beginning of the month for your previous months sales (ex. you made your first 3 sales in February, at the beginning of March you would get notified and have your Sand and Surf status sent to you)! If you've reached your 5th sale, you will also receive an email requesting your shirt size! 


**You only receive the rewards once, the sales do not reset with a new month.

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