Bracelet Club Pack FAQs

1. What Bracelet Club pack will I receive when I sign up?

The monthly pack you receive when you first sign up for the best subscription (EVER), depends on when you subscribed! Because each bracelet pack gets released on the 7th of every month, those that sign up before then will receive the previous month’s pack. Any subscriptions that start after the 7th will receive the current month’s pack if it’s still in stock. If you subscribe for the Bracelet Club after we’ve already sold out, don’t worry! We’ll still send you a different exclusive monthly pack we’ve put aside for new subscribers!


What do I do if I received a different Bracelet Club pack?

If you signed up for the Monthly Club and there was a notice in red letters on the Monthly Club page when you started, chances are that we were out of stock for that month’s pack. But don’t worry: You’ll still receive an exclusive Monthly Club pack, and even if it’s different from that month’s official stack, it’s going to be super awesome. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a replacement, refund or return on your mystery pack, since we notified you when you subscribed that our current Monthly Club pack was sold out.

If you’re already a Monthly Club member and receive a “mystery” pack, send us an email at and we’ll help you out ASAP.

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