Fundraising & Custom Bracelets

At Pura Vida, we put the “fun” in fundraising, thanks to the customized bracelets you can create to support your special cause. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the fundraising & custom bracelets program:
Can I choose how many strings per color for my bracelet?
To make sure our custom design program runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve chosen default color combos for 9-string bracelets. If you choose 2 different colors, you’ll have four strings in one color and five of the other. If you choose 3 colors, you’ll have 3 of each color. This makes it easier for our artisans to handcraft your personalized bracelets and get them to you ASAP!
How much can I sell my custom bracelet for?
Totally up to you! At Pura Vida, our retail price is $6 for each Original bracelet and $10 for each Braided bracelet, but every fundraising effort has its own needs and requirements. Feel free to sell your bracelets at whatever price you think will generate the most money for your cause.
Do I have to use a credit card for my custom order?
Yes, credit/debit cards are the only form of payment we take for our custom bracelet orders. 
What if I need bracelets in less than 6-8 weeks?
Unfortunately, our talented global artisans need time to make sure each and every one of your bracelets turn out exactly the way you want them. That’s why the typical turnaround time for custom bracelets is 6-8 weeks.
What if my organization is tax-exempt?
Is your organization tax-exempt? Just send us a quick email to with your order number and tax-exempt form, and we’ll refund your sales tax!
What’s the difference between fundraising bracelets and charity bracelets?
Our Charity and Fundraising departments are two separate divisions, so the process of approving a charity for our Charity Collection page is totally different than applying for the fundraising program.
To join our Charity page, you’ll be placed on a waitlist, from which we select a handful of nationwide charities that have a large social media following. New charities are chosen each year, and bracelets are created to support these special causes.
Fundraising bracelets are easier to secure. They’re offered at a wholesale price, and you’re responsible for donating profits to the cause of your choice, which are made from selling the bracelets at retail price to buyers. 
Can I preview my bracelets or confirm my colors?
Of course! Your preview is the bracelet mock-up the website builds. For your own records, we suggest taking a screenshot of this mock-up, as it’s no longer available once you check out. Here’s an example of what this preview looks like:


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