When are Rep rewards processed/shipped?

We process the rep rewards once a month so you will be sent your reward by the beginning of the next month! So for example, if you made a sale anytime in January, we will process that (if you reach a tier based on your sales) in the beginning of February and the reward will be shipped in February. We, unfortunately, don't have a way to notify you when it is shipped or give tracking when it ships out. 

*With the new Rep Program, we will no longer be sending out the rep welcome pack just for signing up. All you have to do is make 1 sale using your code. We even encourage you to use your own code on your own order if you like!*

If you join the Pura Vida Reps-Invite Only Facebook group, we will announce when each month's rewards are being shipped to let you know when they are shipping. 

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