When are Rep rewards processed/shipped?

We process the rep rewards once a month so you will be sent your reward by the beginning of the next month! So for example, if you made a sale anytime in January, we will process that (if you reach a tier based on your sales) in the beginning of February and the reward will be shipped in February. We, unfortunately, don't have a way to notify you when it is shipped or give tracking when it ships out. You MUST make sure your shipping address is correct by the 1st of each month! Otherwise, your rewards will NOT make it to you.

*With the new Rep Program, we will no longer be sending out the rep welcome pack just for signing up. All you have to do is make 1 sale using your code. We even encourage you to use your own code on your own order if you like!*

If you join the Pura Vida Reps-Invite Only Facebook group, we will announce when each month's rewards are being shipped to let you know when they are shipping. 

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