What if I forget/couldn't apply an Ambassador code to an order?

If you forgot to apply an Ambassador code to an order or for some reason our system wouldn't allow you to apply it, we can help you!

In order for us to take care of this for you, please email info@puravidabracelets.com or reps@puravidabracelets.com within 48hrs of the purchase. This is REQUIRED due to payment timeframes, anytime after that will not be accepted. We will need the order number, the ambassador code, and the ambassador’s email address. This way we can make sure the order gets discounted the 20% and the Ambassador gets their commission/credit for the sale!

We will NOT process the credit for the rep if:

-We receive an email more than 48hrs past the order time.

-There is already another discount applied to the order (even if it is less than 20%).

-If the order is less than $12.50 (20% discount will bring the order below the $10 order minimum).

-If a mystery item is in the order. No promotional codes are accepted on an order that contains a mystery item.

-If it is a bracelet or jewelry monthly club.

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