What do I do if I'm missing one of my Rep rewards?

First off, we're so sorry about that! We now send confirmation/tracking emails out for rewards, so keep an eye on those to let us know! 

If you know you earned a reward by receiving an email congratulating you on hitting the next tier, and we had sent you an email that your reward was processed and sent, then please make sure to email us at reps@puravidabracelets.com. Please just remember we only process the rewards once a month, so if you reached a new tier in January, your reward will be shipping February.

If it didn't process, there was a system issue, or it got lost in shipping, we can issue a replacement! We will need your shipping address (make sure it is always updated in Refersion) and your rep email. Please remember that only sales from January 2018 and on count towards the tier rewards! We will make sure to get you on the replacement list. We appreciate your patience as this can take some time to get processed. 

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