In what circumstances does my Ambassador code not work?

Unfortunately, there are a few situations where your physical Ambassador code won’t work on an order and it is important to inform your friends & family of this!

  1. Any mystery items in the order will get rid of the discount on their order and not give you any credit for the sale! The only way for you, as an Ambassador, to get credit for the sale in this circumstance is by having them use your shopping link, this is found in your Ambassador account.
  2. Baby Loss Awareness charity bracelet! This is the same situation as listed above.
  3. Monthly club or Jewelry club.
  4. Custom/fundraising orders. These are already discounted to wholesale pricing. We cannot manually add the credit to your account either.

*Know that during any sitewide sales, you can still earn credit for sales when someone uses your ambassador shopping link. They won’t get an extra 20% off their orders, but it will just give you credit for the sale.

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