What are the Brand Ambassador emails and when do I receive them?

We periodically send out emails to keep you updated & informed! We also want to make sure you get some killer content! You’ll receive an email from the Ambassador program for these circumstances:

  1. When you get accepted into the program! Make sure you hang onto this one for future reference :)
  2. Our bi-weekly (meaning twice a month) ambassador email! This will include photos or important info. *Please note: this changes and will not always be the case, it mostly depends on launches and info we have to share with you guys! So if you don't get an email exactly twice a month, don't worry!*
  3. Reward notification emails! We only send emails for sales made that boost you to a new tier. Sorry, we don’t send an email every time you make a sale!
  4. Order processing and tracking of ambassador rewards! Keep an eye on these to ensure you receive your rewards ;)

* If you are having trouble receiving any of these emails, make sure you are checking the email account you have attached to your Ambassador account! If you still aren’t receiving them, usually resubscribing to the regular Pura Vida emails should do the trick!

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