Tracking an Order

Getting excited about the new Pura Vida jewelry you have coming in the mail?

Track your order status here



If your tracking information hasn’t been updated for 2-3 days, don’t worry -- that’s totally normal! Occasionally there will be delays in shipping, so you might not see an update on your tracking for a few more days. If your package hasn’t moved in 7 days, contact us with the “Submit a Request” link below and we can help locate your package!



Still haven’t received your order even though your order status says “Delivered”? Try checking with your neighbors first to make sure the package didn’t get delivered to their house instead. Sometimes, mail carriers leave packages at nearby doors by mistake (oops!). 

Occasionally USPS will mark packages as "Delivered" before they've actually left the package at your address. Typically they show up within 24-48 hours after being marked as "Delivered", so hang tight for a day or two!

If you don’t have any luck there and you still haven't received your package after 48 hours of it being marked as "Delivered", we’ll be happy to help resolve the issue. Just contact us at the “Submit a Request” link below, and send us your name, shipping address, the email used to place your order and your order number. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more details on your package status.

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