Can I change my Ambassador code?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This is company policy.

We do not accept Instagram handle names, blog names, first names only, email addresses, made-up/inappropriate names, or business/store names. You will be disqualified during the application process immediately if we see this.

A few exceptions would be:

1) If your name is legally changed (ex. you get married, divorced, we understand these changes happen!)

2) If you have multiple first names and/or last names (ex. Elizabeth Maria Gonzalez Garcia, we would suggest picking one when signing up or letting us know)

3) Your name is misspelled!

We understand that some of you have longer or more difficult names, but this also what makes you unique! You can always share your shopping link instead, so it will automatically apply to your friends & family's orders! We also understand that some of you are uncomfortable with sharing your last name on social channels as well. Again, you can use your shopping link, the Bitly link is a wonderful option for this. We hope you understand!

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