Black Friday/Cyber Monday for Ambassadors

Here are the guidelines in reference to our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale:

Hey Ambassadors! 

It’s officially that time of year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday!! And you know what that means—our *biggest* sale of the year is ON! We’re offering all our fans 50% off everything on the site, but we’re offering YOU something even more exciting.

This year, we’re letting you use your shopping link during the sale. In other words, you’ll earn credit for all the people you bring to the site! No extra discount will be applied to the orders (since they’re already getting 50% off!), but the link will be attached to your Ambassador account, allowing you to earn credit towards new tiers. As always, we want to spread the word and share the love, and we know you guys do it best! 

To make sure you’re all set for the sale, here’s a simple step-by-step process of how to use your shopping link:


  1. Log into your Ambassador account here:

Your login information is the email you applied with (and received this email at), as well as the password entered on your application. Please use the “reset password” option if you’re unsure what email and password you used. (Note: If you reply to this email asking what your login is, we won’t answer.)

  1. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find the link sitting right on your Dashboard. It even gives you the option to turn it into a short and sweet bitly link, too! 
  2. Copy, paste and share the link with everyone you know! This link automatically brings them to the website and allows you to earn commission on every order placed.


Friendly reminder—a few rules still apply:

-NO mystery items

-NO fundraising/custom orders

-NO monthly or jewelry club


Plus a special rule for this sale only:

-NO manually adding credit after an order has been placed during the entirety of the sale.

Please don’t email us asking for an exception : )

And one more note: Please email, call us or chat our customer service for any order questions or concerns. They’ll be more than happy to help you with everything you need regarding orders, shipping, etc.!

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